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Telco and ICT services for security organisations that get it

Protecting people and property requires access to a broad range of voice, video and data communications.The underlying network services that support the above range of services must be highly available, enable assured application performance and be managed and supported by professionals. The new area of risk is in information security. The problem is that the crooks have a bigger incentive to be ahead of the game.As builders and owners of our own networks we control all aspects of the quality and security of our network services.This allows us to provide the services that you need to stay ahead of the game.


You need your team to be in constant contact when they’re in the field and sometimes this means they need to have multiple ways to get their message through. We offer private Land Mobile Radio (LMR) and an integrated Push-To-Talk (PTT) over mobile networks that support the communications your in-field team needs.


CCTV is a great deterrent but you need a great network to support it. We specialise in the connectivity needed to make sure your business is safe even in ‘hard to get’ places.


When communication is critical, loss of connectivity due to sabotage or an accident is even more of a disaster. Fibre and copper lines are easy to find and cut, whereas our wireless access delivered over our carrier diverse infrastructure will reduce your risk of communications failure.


As you connect to more and more external service providers to enhance your operations, you increase your risk of data security. Leverage our cloud-based network security service that helps you reduce your data security risk and protects you from known and unknown threats while enabling you to connect to your choice of service provider.


Connectivity across multiple sites is key to standardise your business operations; however the real challenge is to connect your sites in regional and remote Australia. We not only specialise in connecting these ‘hard to get’ sites but also offer a complete Wide Area Network (WAN) solution to design, build and manage your entire WAN for you.


As your business tends to move more and more services to Cloud, your need to rely on underlying connectivity increases; in which case, you need a network that ‘just works’ to guarantee the application performance. We take the guess work out of connectivity so you can do what you do best.

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