Be as a tower firmly set, shakes not its top for any blast that blows.

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Tower, rooftops and semi-permanent telco structures for critical wireless networks

Our business started as a provider of radio communication sites. That was back in 1973 when the AWA building on York Street was the tallest building in Sydney.

We set out to accomplish a simple objective: To be the best operator of wireless communication sites in Australia. Over the last 45 years we have built an impressive portfolio of some of Australia’s best and most recognisable communication sites.

From Centrepoint, Eureka, Riparian Plaza and QV1 in the CBDs, to freestanding towers in regional and remote Australia, we serve mobile carriers, fixed wireless and IoT service providers, large enterprises and government departments.

As wireless technology has advanced so has our site offering. Much of our growth in sites comes now from the demands of organisations looking to deploy wireless services in regional and remote Australia.

We have developed fully integrated sites with off grid power solutions, innovative backhaul and real time monitoring services for both permanent and temporary sites. These managed facility offerings dramatically improve the ability of service providers and enterprises alike to deploy carrier-grade network services in underserved regions of the country.

We also address the requirements for in-building communications, distributed antenna systems and enhanced mobility through the emerging standards of HS2.0, virtual RAN and multi-access edge computing (MEC) offerings. If you have a property portfolio and want a great partner to manage and monetise these, then give us a call.

We’re excited about the opportunities ahead for us in the site business. We’ll go above and beyond in serving you.


We are highly skilled in the management of communication sites and are active in the development of further site infrastructure around the country. Our national portfolio of high sites provides excellent LMR coverage suitable local area coverage as well as nation-wide wide area network (WAN) coverage.


Colocation processes can be complicated and time consuming. Our aim is to be as nimble and flexible as possible with our procedures and systems, getting you on site quicker and maximising your speed to delivery.


Not all businesses are alike – we offer flexible terms for colocation to suit your business needs.


As a critical network operator we understand the importance of keeping your network up and running all the time. We allow 24x7 hassle-free access to our sites so that you are spending your time where it’s required the most, which is managing your network and responding to your customers when they need you the most.


We offer more than a space on a site. Our network operations team can offer their professional expertise to augment your network management team on those occasions when you need a helping hand on site to manage or fix a fault on your network.


Colocation on our sites gives you access to existing power supplies and backup supplies if required.  


All our sites are connected to our own MPLS core. This enables our LMR and colocation customers to leverage our network for multi-site connectivity (any site-to-any site) across their equipment that’s colocated in our sites. It also enables customers to gain secure remote access to the same equipment over Internet via a secure VPN tunnel.


All our staff, including Network Operations Centre (NOC) and Service Desk is based out of Australia providing prompt and expert local support that can resolve your network issues smartly and quickly.

Our Services

Access to a portfolio of more than 200 rooftops and freestanding towers around metro and regional Australia. These sites have been strategically acquired for use by third parties wanting to operate mobile and fixed wireless networks. This includes access to third party Data Centre space.


Temporary and semi-permanent site facilities that enable a range of fixed and mobile networks across remote locations. Integrated equipment shelters with range of ‘off-net’ power, backhaul and network options. Flexible configuration and commercial terms for varying project duration.


In-building coverage (IBC) solutions for QoS guaranteed access to private or public networks. Supports single or multiple carrier configurations across broad range of frequencies. Fully integrated with Wireless LAN offering for interoperable voice and data connectivity.


Fully managed and distributed infrastructure for the delivery of highly customisable ‘edge computing’ services. Provided as multi-access edge compute (MEC) for Enterprises or as a wholesale offering for service providers to enhance their fixed and mobile network offerings.

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