Software is Eating the World

Mark Andreessen, Wall Street Journal 2011
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Software Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) is a once-in-a-generation technology leap that delivers high performing networking without an expensive rebuild. It’s a smart layer of software that precludes the need for a forklift upgrade and the large associated cost.

As organisations develop strategies to embrace enhanced customer and stakeholder experiences, the conversation inevitably turns to digital transformation. That’s where the capability of legacy networks, in a digital age, is being called into question.

While everything else has been changing around it, the network has largely remained the same. It is unable to effectively serve the needs of the business in a Cloud and applications-heavy era.

With the introduction of SD-WAN, that’s all about to change.

SD-WAN is a radically different approach to the construct, management and optimisation of the WAN.

With SD-WAN, the control plane is separated from the networking hardware and implemented in software in the Cloud, creating a virtual overlay network across any underlying IP link to provide seamless connectivity between all sites. Network administrators can configure links, set policies and apply them via a single, customisable customer portal that provides granular, real-time visibility and control of every location across the network. And because SD-WAN can incorporate any wired or wireless transport including NBN, Wireless, DSL, LTE (4G) or public Internet, businesses can reduce their reliance on customised networking and expensive MPLS links.

You can deliver applications and services to your end-users where they need them, when they need them and how they need them delivered, via the most cost-efficient source of connectivity available. In so doing, SD-WAN gives you the flexibility and functionality to take advantage of everything Cloud Computing has to offer.

Technology Partnership

Vertel SD-WAN is powered by award-winning Nuage Networks, from Nokia, and is used by tier one carriers worldwide.

Speed and agility

Deploy new sites and applications with zero-touch provisioning via a customisable client portal.

Total flexibility

Choose the carrier(s) and WAN access technology that is the best fit for each of your network sites.

Real-time visibility

Real-time, granular visibility and control of WAN link performance, policies and applications.

Reliability and security

Utilise multiple WAN links for bandwidth aggregation and redundancy, and integrate with Application Aware Routing and centralised Security features.

Open standards

Vertel SD-WAN is built on open standards, not a proprietary protocol, ensuring conformance with the certification and interoperability standards currently under development within the MEF.

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