Nothing is so powerful as an idea whose time has come

Victor Hugo
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For years we have heard the cries that “the sky is falling” with the demise of two way radio. We’ve watched as new players come in with the hype and noise of Push to Talk over Cellular (PoC) technologies. We’ve then seen them quietly fade away to irrelevance. The reality is that the technology and resulting service has just not matched the quality and performance of traditional two way radio networks.

Until now.

We have created a fully managed PoC service that is a ‘game changer’ for instant group communications. Our service enhances all the great aspects of two way radio and integrates them with the many benefits of data, video and voice of public mobile networks.

Our solution is a tightly integrated bundle of hardware, multiple carrier networks, a PoC application and professional services. We’ve partnered with best in class providers of each of the above service elements in creating a PoC service that meets critical network requirements.

There are a number of players out there offering ‘cost effective’ and ‘low priced’ services. There is a market for these services. It’s just not the market we are interested in. We’re targeting organisations that know, and buy quality, that want to enhance their existing two way radio network investments and want to take the functionality and performance of two way radio and put that onto a mobile device with all the additional benefits of high speed data, location services, lone worker protection, messaging, video and recording functionality. 

They are organisations that understand that the time for PoC has well and truly come.

High availability

High availability and enhanced coverage via multiple underlying public and private networks. Multiple carrier options plus our own LTE and WLAN integration and Australia-based Cloud environment.

Range of devices

Growing range of ‘certified devices and peripherals’ for optimised voice and data services. We can also integrate our PoC service with other hardware for larger fleets.


Standards-based gateways to existing LMR technologies and networks. Gateways are developed and enhanced by our own teams and partners.

Integrated bundle

Tightly integrated bundle of premium hardware, multiple public and private mobile networks, world class and flexible PoC application, professional services for network integration and service support.

Customisable application

Customisable PoC application developed to emerging Mission-Critical Push-to-Talk (MCPTT) standard. As we incorporate these enhancements into our service, all customers will benefit.

‘Over the Air’ configuration

In-house 24/7 NOC and Service Desk with ‘Over the Air’ configuration and management. Our mobile device management and ‘locked-down’ operating environment establish a  robust platform for enhanced business mobility.

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