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Any Cloud, anywhere, every time you need it.

The market is awash with providers of Cloud services – from the big players in the public Cloud space like Amazon, Google and Microsoft to the niche providers of private Cloud and IaaS, PaaS and SaaS applications. Cloud is not just changing the market for IT services,  voice, video and unified communication services are moving to super agile Cloud and hosted platforms of Managed Service Providers.

For all the excitement and talk about Cloud there is surprisingly little discussion around the network. Specifically, what parameters of network quality – availability, performance, management and security – are essential to facilitate a great Cloud experience?

Our Cloudworks offering combines access to ‘best-in-class’ Cloud service providers and an integrated network service. Rather than create our own Cloud services, we have set up relationships and ‘private interconnects’ with a range of the best IaaS, PaaS and SaaS providers. We ‘right size’ the network in terms of capacity, availability and assure the end-to-end performance of that application across fixed and mobile environments.


We control the QoS between your sites and mobile devices and the Cloud services. This symmetrical, scalable and flexible connectivity underpins a great user experience.


When you move to the Cloud, the availability of your network becomes even more critical. We offer protected and redundant services for super-high availability (99.995%).


We ‘right size’ the network and create customised ‘end to end’ QoS configurations to assure the performance of the Cloud services you are using.


Our highly skilled operations team takes all service calls. We promptly fix network issues. If it’s an application issue, we work with you and the Cloud provider until we’ve achieved complete resolution.


The Cloud is all about flexibility. We include consultation and support in our offering to assist you in developing, testing and implementing new usage models.


Your connectivity is over private networks and interconnects. Not the Internet. We also offer a fully managed and virtualised firewall service, supported by our skilled security team.

Our Services

Organisations with IP PBX are taking advantage of the cost and flexibility benefits of integrated SIP trunks. We also provide interconnects to a number of Cloud PBX platforms for organisations looking to virtualise their fixed and mobile telephony. Niche voice applications such as push to talk over mobile and WLAN are also available.


We’ve set up interconnects with enterprise and carrier grade video conferencing platforms. Our networks also support the effective use of Skype for Business, Zoom and other web-based conferencing systems. Other niche video services like CCTV can be integrated into existing or planned network architectures.


Unified Communications brings together the best of voice services and video conferencing. We can connect you to our provider(s) of choice of set up private interconnects with your preferred partners. Our network is ‘right-sized’ to accommodate the necessary QoS requirements and extends to fixed or mobile convergence.


This is for customers that want something better than what’s available from the giants like Amazon, Google and Microsoft. We enable high-performing, enterprise-class cloud services with confidence and speed. Our compute, storage, and networking are engineered with such efficiency, that exceptional savings emerge at every level of the stack.

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