When I was a kid, a hotel had to have a swimming pool. Now, it’s free wi-fi.

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Carrier grade Wi-Fi as the enabler of converged, assured and secured networks.

The Internet has seriously ‘shaken up’ the market for both IT and telco services. This all-pervasive ‘any to any’ connectivity has been the game changer for incumbent telcos and challenger service providers.

With the advent of Cloud computing and the virtualisation of mobile networks, the next generation of Wi-Fi is set to play a massive role in the interoperability and convergence of traditional fixed and mobile networks.

So what exactly is Carrier Wi-Fi? From a technology point of view, it’s based on the IEEE 802.11u standard. The Wireless Broadband Alliance and Wi-Fi Alliance have also got into the act with their Hotspot 2.0 and Wi-Fi Passpoint certifications for making Wi-Fi as easy to use as the mobile phone.

From a services point of view, Carrier Wi-Fi is about the design, build and operation of  wireless networks that enable ‘cellular like’ roaming for QoS enabled data, voice and video services. Users are automatically ‘authenticated’ onto a network, negating the need to continually ‘sign on’ to a new network.

We’re busy building Carrier Wi-Fi (our Smartfi offering) for Enterprises that want to take advantage of fixed / mobile convergence within their offices and branches.

We are deploying networks that allow owners of shopping centres, airports, sports stadiums, art galleries and hotels to better serve their visitors and guests with Internet, location-based services and data analytics.

Our service is also going into the commercial centres of fringe metro, regional and remote Australian towns that want to provide Public Wi-Fi to their residents and visitors.

There are exciting times ahead with carrier grade WLAN. Contact us if you want to be a part of it.

Carrier Grade Access

We start with the world’s best performing access points. Add in our own fibre or gigabit wireless backhaul. Then undertake comprehensive RF planning for coverage and capacity.

Guaranteed Availability

The network is delivered with strict availability guarantees. Diverse backhaul and backup power can be added for enhanced availability, ‘uptime’ and operation.

Assured Performance

Interconnects to the Internet and other carrier networks are provided over our own private networks, not the Internet. We optimise the network for real-time video and voice applications.

Location and data analytics

Location-based services enable commercial, safety and operational functionality for venue owners and municipalities. User data is collected and collated for ‘Big Data’ analysis.

Unmatched Support

Networks fail. Service issues arise. We pride ourselves on our support and maintenance capabilities and meet well defined response and restore SLAs.

Security and interoperability

We provide fully managed security for Internet content, threats and attacks and LAN authentication. Interoperability with all devices, operating platforms and partner carrier networks.

Our Services

Operators of venues, transport hubs, accommodation and municipalities are looking for ways to enhance their resident, guest, staff or visitor experience through the provision of high quality Wi-Fi services. Our fully managed offering gives you the control of a well-defined user experience without the complexity of technology ownership and ongoing operations.


Enterprises are ‘mobilising’ their staff through the extension of their fixed network with secure, carrier grade Wi-Fi. Smaller branch offices are bypassing cabled LANs completely while big businesses deal with seamless communications across large campuses. We optimise the network for simple and secure authentication and QoS guarantees for assured application performance.


With a growing footprint of carrier-grade Wi-Fi in outdoor / indoor areas, we provide a wholesale service for carriers and service providers looking to provide an enhanced experience for their existing fixed and mobile network customers. Developments in the market for national and global roaming on Wi-Fi as an integrated access layer open up additional wholesale opportunities.

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