The single most important top-level trend is the shift to mobile.

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Enhanced mobile network services for critical communications

The mobile phone has fundamentally changed the way that we live and work. Organisations are looking to mobilise their workforces. They want to enable simple and effective mobile connectivity their WAN environments and business applications. They can’t accept frustrating network outages and have increasingly stringent security requirements for data and voice communications.

Our value proposition around mobility is to take the best of what is available from the mobile carriers and make it better. Better is enhanced service management, data security, and customised coverage and ‘Cloud’ enablement.

Our managed mobile service starts with the device. We provide either a fully managed device for your staff or we take responsibility for the operating system of the devices that you allow them to use. The device is optimised to run on multiple networks so to provide secured and assured access to business applications and the Internet.

We can also integrate the mobile device with your IP phone system through a ‘soft client’ application. This lets you use the functionality and cost benefits of SIP trunking across the mobile environment.

Our final piece of the ‘enhanced mobile service’ puzzle is in the delivery of custom mobile coverage. We design, commission and operate femto and small cell services to complement your macro network coverage. We can also integrate private LTE and carrier grade WLAN services for remote work sites and challenging in-building requirements.

Enhanced Connectivity

Avoid disruptions caused by network outages through with our dual SIM device. Your phone runs a ‘soft client’ that enables calls on multiple carriers plus ‘failover’ to wi-fi.

Customised Coverage

We offer custom coverage and in-building connectivity on our own network infrastructure. We also build and operate ‘standalone’ private LTE networks for regional and remote work sites.

Assured Performance

We guarantee the ‘end to end’ performance of your voice and video services. We also assist in the development and implementation of custom business applications.

Converged Services

Our design and delivery team will integrate your fixed networks and applications with your mobile environment for assured and secure operations.

World Class Service

We pride ourselves on our Service Desk and NOC support. Our team operate to well-defined SLAs for service response and restore and have an industry best ‘Net Promoter Score’ to prove it.

Managed Security

The biggest issue in networks of the future? Security. We’ve invested in the skills, resources and equipment required to address this critical requirement.

Our Services

We have created what we think is one of the best Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) offerings for organisations with business, mission and life critical operations. This enhanced network service takes the best of the incumbent mobile network offerings and adds unique deliverables around availability, performance, management and security.


Sometimes you operate in places so remote that there just isn’t any mobile coverage. Other times the coverage and or performance of the networks that are there just isn’t good enough. We relish these challenges and take on the end to end design, build, implementation and ongoing operation of private LTE networks for voice, data and video communications.


Mobile carriers often have Enterprise customers with difficult coverage issues. Remote work sites and poor in-building coverage can be a deal breaker for a carrier. We’re also seeing the rise in challenger service providers looking to access customers using mobile connectivity. We offer a niche and wholesale mobile service for these and other requirements.

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