The way I like to put it is, the answer should always be mobile first.

Eric Schmidt
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Pioneering the build and operation of mobile networks since 1973.

We started thinking about mobile networks before they even came into being in Australia, in 1981. In fact, our business started in the early ‘70s as a response to a new and exciting opportunity for two-way radio communications.

Two-way radio was really the precursor to the mobile phone. Much of our corporate DNA for critical network services comes from providing these land mobile radio (LMR) services to demanding Government and Enterprise organisations that viewed mobility as critical to their business, mission and life critical operations. We have been investing in open standard digital radio networks (DMR Tier 3) and will continue to invest to offer our customers with a range of applications that can run on top of the digital network including PTToX (Push-to-Talk over Cellular or Wi-Fi).

Today, we offer a range of tightly integrated mobile network services. Our managed WLAN offering enables seamless data and voice connectivity for staff within and across diverse work sites. It also underpins the delivery of Public Wi-Fi in regional centres, shopping centres, transport hubs and sports/events/function centres.

Rather than fight 3G and 4G, we’ve embraced it. We provide standalone private LTE network services for organisations with complex operations in regional and remote Australia. We can also integrate LTE networks to existing mobile network operators for enhanced in-building coverage and or high performance requirements.

We’ve also got a number of exciting projects in the pipeline for virtual mobile network services and enhanced 5G services. If you have a critical mobile requirement, we have the solution.