Combining internet and managed security

Secure your network by providing protection from known and unknown threats, create effective security-control policies to safely enable applications that extend well beyond the traditional ‘allow or deny’ approach.

Vertel’s secure internet gateway service, Netconnect Secure, combines our high-capacity, symmetrical Netconnect Internet service with our managed security service. This service is a cloud-based, fully managed network security service built on a next-generation firewall platform.

Visibility for improved security

With Vertel Netconnect Secure, you gain visibility into applications, web traffic, threats, and data patterns. This lets you quickly analyse the role and risk of applications, determine who is using them, and translate that information into user-based, safe application enablement policies.

Vertel Netconnect Secure provides visibility into traffic source and destination, security rules, and zones, depicting a more comprehensive picture of usage patterns so you can make a more informed decision on how to treat network traffic.

You can also gain visibility based on users and groups, not just IP addresses. This complements the application and threat information you receive, and you can add more filters to learn about application usage for individual users.

Developing a strong security posture

Vertel Netconnect Secure delivers all the tools you need to strengthen your security posture. This includes:

  • Intrusion prevention and antivirus
  • DOS attack detection and prevention
  • URL and content filtering
  • Unknown threats and APT prevention
  • Secure site-to-site VPN
  • Remote access VPN
  • Mobile security