SD-WAN helps businesses build for the future

Software-defined wide area networks (SD-WAN) dramatically improve the responsiveness, dynamism, and performance of the WAN. As a network overlay, SD-WAN doesn’t require an expensive or risky upgrade. It helps the WAN more effectively cater for increased loads and guarantees a strong user experience.

Vertel SD-WAN solutions deliver better network operations while supporting rapid change and flexibility.

Providing a better user experience

Your users expect to access essential business apps and data with a consistent experience regardless of where they’re working from. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case when networks are low-quality or unreliable.

Your business needs to provide strong cybersecurity, integrated security and operational policies, and reliable, fast performance. Network downtime is unacceptable. You need a strategic and proactive approach to setting security and policy controls. Automation is essential.

By automating policies and controls using SD-WAN, you can minimise the effect of a network outage by implementing failover policies before the end user is even aware that there has been an interruption. This dramatically improves the user experience and reduces the risk of suboptimal operation due to network downtime.

Stop paying the loyalty tax

SD-WAN helps you become carrier-independent, which means you no longer have to pay the loyalty tax that comes with being locked into one provider. With a single provider, you pay higher costs and get less flexibility. It’s important to consider a range of providers to avoid being caught in the single-provider trap. This means you can manage your connectivity in the way that makes the most sense for your business.

Working with a managed services provider can overcome barriers around cost and knowledge so you can reap the benefits of SD-WAN sooner, and with less initial outlay and ongoing expenditure. Vertel SD-WAN is carrier-agnostic and can be integrated with any public or private network access.