Secure Wi-Fi for visitors and guests

In today’s digital society, people expect free, secure Wi-Fi wherever they go. The quality of the Wi-Fi provided can be a competitive differentiator for many businesses. However, providing high-quality connectivity across large campuses, potentially outside mainstream coverage areas, has been practically impossible in the past.

Vertel Smartfi offers carrier-grade access, guaranteed availability, and assured performance for Wi-Fi networks. Location-based services enable commercial, safety and operational functionality for venue owners and municipalities.

Carrier Wi-Fi for on-campus roaming

Carrier Wi-Fi delivers wireless networks that enable cellular-like roaming for QoS-enabled data, voice and video services. Users are automatically authenticated onto a network, negating the need to continually sign on to a new network. This makes Smartfi ideal for enterprises that want to take advantage of fixed/mobile convergence within their offices and branches.

We are deploying networks that allow owners of shopping centres, airports, sports stadiums, art galleries and hotels to better serve their visitors and guests with internet, location-based services, and data analytics.

Our service is also providing public Wi-Fi to visitors to commercial centres of fringe metro, regional and remote Australian towns.

Smartfi services include:

  • Smartfi Internet: enhance resident, staff, guest, and visitor experiences by providing high-quality Wi-Fi services.
  • Smartfi Private: extend your fixed network with secure, carrier-grade Wi-Fi and make communications across large campuses seamless.
  • Smartfi Access: we provide a wholesale service for carriers and service providers looking to provide an enhanced experience for their existing fixed and mobile network customers.

Transforming industry sectors

Vertel’s Smartfi solution is an affordable option that is helping to transform industry sectors. For example, most holiday parks are located in areas where there is no internet. Through Smartfi, Vertel delivers connectivity across the park. Benefits include improved customer experiences and new revenue opportunities including:


Integrate WLAN service with local/cloud-based CCTV service

Icon Digital signage/kiosks

Update digital signage content on basic or enhanced digital screens


Cast-enable any digital screen

Icon IOT

Deliver applications and services for IoT


Smartfi has a smart analytics package that keeps campus owners and managers fully informed of key performance indicators at their parks.