A powerful combination for life- and mission-critical communications

Vertel Push-to-Talk over Cellular (PTT) is a sophisticated mobile workforce management and communications platform. It helps keep mobile workforces safe, in touch, and productive.

Ideal for life- and mission-critical applications, Push-to-Talk leverages Vertel’s heritage as a pioneer in two-way radio. It combines the features of traditional two-way radio with the data functionality of today’s smartphones. This makes it an incredibly powerful tool for organisations that need to stay in touch with workers, no matter where they’re located.

Two-way radios offer one-touch communication and the ability to communicate in groups, keeping teams in contact even when they’re out of mobile phone range. Smartphones offer the ability to record and share voice and use GPS location services, and include other smart features like man-down and duress alerts.

Alone, each of these technologies falls short for mission- and life-critical applications. Combined in a single application, they’re incredibly powerful.

A compelling proposition for the new world of work

Organisations of all types are seeing their workforces become more distributed and more mobile. Every worker deserves to be safe and connected, no matter where they’re working. Tracking and tracing the workforce is also more important than ever in the new world of work. Push-to-Talk solutions deliver on both counts, keeping your employees safe and connected, while tracing people’s movements.

Push-to-Talk is ideal for any organisation with remote workers. Features include:

  • dispatch, command and control centre
  • dynamic group allocation using geofencing
  • message and data transmission to individual users
  • task creation and tracking
  • voice recording
  • GPS monitoring
  • lone-worker duress alerts
  • reporting functionality from field to office.

All of this is delivered in near real-time and on portable or mobile handheld, tablet, and in-vehicle devices on any mobile network around Australia.

Flexibility and control from the leaders in mobile communications

Vertel Push-to-Talk has an expansive feature set, is customisable, and can be implemented as the app only or as a fully integrated service with hardware, software, and support. It works on any mobile network and most devices, giving you flexibility and control.


High availability and enhanced coverage via multiple underlying public and private networks. Multiple carrier options plus our own LTE and WLAN integration and Australia-based Cloud environment.


Growing range of ‘certified devices and peripherals’ for optimised voice and data services. We can also integrate our PoC service with other hardware for larger fleets.


Standards-based gateways to existing LMR technologies and networks. Gateways are developed and enhanced by our own teams and partners.


Tightly integrated bundle of premium hardware, multiple public and private mobile networks, world class and flexible PoC application, professional services for network integration and service support.


Customisable PoC application developed to emerging Mission-Critical Push-to-Talk (MCPTT) standard. As we incorporate these enhancements into our service, all customers will benefit.


In-house 24/7 NOC and Service Desk with ‘Over the Air’ configuration and management. Our mobile device management and ‘locked-down’ operating environment establish a  robust platform for enhanced business mobility.