Our commitment to safety during COVID-19

Theo Belekas, Managing Director, Vertel

As the COVID-19 (coronavirus) continues to spread around the world, the safety of our staff, customers, and partners is paramount during this important time. Vertel is taking proactive measures to ensure that we continue to serve our customers and partners with minimal disruption to operations.

Vertel has developed a COVID-19 Management Plan based on guidance from the Australian Government Department of Health and NSW Health.

The following FAQ details the steps that Vertel has implemented in response to COVID-19, focusing both on safety and maintaining business continuity. News and guidelines around COVID-19 are constantly evolving. We are continuing to monitor international, national, and local guidelines on this topic, and we will communicate with you regarding any updates to our policies and business operations.

Vertel and COVID-19: What you need to know

The following FAQ contains answers to common questions regarding Vertel’s response to COVID-19, as well as health guidelines that have been implemented for employee safety and business continuity.

Employee Safety

Are Vertel's physical office locations still open during this time?

  • Vertel has pre-existing processes and procedures in place to maintain business continuity during times during which working from our office locations is not possible.
  • Vertel is closely monitoring the spread of COVID-19 worldwide, and following the safety guidelines from the Australian Government Department of Health and NSW Health
  • We have made the decision to move to full work from home arrangements for all Vertel staff effective this week, with limited staff onsite as required. All staff are equipped and able to work from home such that the business is readily able to remain operational and productive.
  • Some essential operations are not able to be fulfilled remotely, including the Vertel field team activities. We have additional procedures and safeguards in place for teams not able to work from home including the splitting of teams and alternate asset storage facilities.

How do I contact employees who typically work from impacted offices?

  • Vertel is well prepared for a situation that requires employees to work remotely.
    Please continue using all the standard forms of communications with Vertel and offices. Landlines will be diverted to mobile phones and all staff have internet connectivity to send and receive email and access internal systems. Shipments will continue to be received and dispatched.
  • To report or escalate an incident please contact the Vertel Service Desk on 1300 837 835 or email [email protected].

Business Continuity

What is Vertel doing to ensure business continuity as the COVID-19 situation continues to develop?

  • The management team at Vertel is tracking the development COVID-19 daily, as well as acting upon the potential short and long-term impact of this to our customers, partners and staff. The health and well-being of our community is our top priority, as well as continuing to deliver upon our commitments to partners and customers. As such, steps have already been taken to maintain business continuity throughout all functions of the organisation, and given the fluid nature of this situation, our management team is in daily communications about how to best manage to maintain normal operations.

Will Vertel services be impacted?

  • Vertel’s operations and engineering teams remain at full capacity and are not impacted by the COVID-19 remote work policy.
  • There is no interruption to our Network Operations Centre, and the team continues to be fully operational. The team has a work-from-home/business continuity response plan for instances such as this. Customers and partners calling the Vertel Service Desk will not notice any difference in service and support.
  • To report or escalate an incident please contact the Vertel Service Desk on 1300 837 835 or email [email protected].

Is Vertel still managing equipment supplies and shipment of replacement equipment?

  • Yes. Alternate asset storage facilities have been established to ensure equipment replacement procedures will function as normal in the event that Vertel offices are not accessible.