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Making the good better and the better best.

We specialise in taking the best of what is available in the broader telecommunications market and integrating that with our own network infrastructure to deliver enhanced and critical network services.

We have invested heavily in our people, processes, networks and systems to enable us to successfully compete in this demanding niche.

Our starting point is to consider carrier diverse connectivity as the standard for highly available network services. We integrate the network of various carriers with our own infrastructure to eliminate the ‘single points of failure’ that exist in single carrier approaches.

We then take the time to ‘right size’ the network in terms of bandwidth and QoS to ensure the best user experience for traditional and Cloud based voice, video and data services.

Our Service Desk and Network Operations Centre (NOC) team are tasked with making sure we excel in the ‘moments of truth’ of delivery and ongoing operations.

We then provide a comprehensive approach to the management of security issues across the network. Much of the focus is traditionally on preventing the threats in the network. However, we also understand that a strong managed security offering is also about enabling the interoperability of your network with other private and public Clouds.

This is our how. It’s an uncommon approach. But so is our commitment to service excellence.


We’re a niche provider. We think niche, talk niche and do niche.

Our focus is to increase the value of the customers we serve rather than growing our customer base. This comes from one of our core philosophies in service provision. That is, the bigger the carrier you deal with and the more customers they support, the poorer the service you can expect to receive.

Or think of it in a different way. Look at your annual spend as a percentage of the overall revenue of the carrier you are considering. What does your spend really mean to them? When problems occur, where do you rank in importance? Can you really expect ‘personalised’ services from these corporate giants?

Our other test is this. Who is the most senior person you can call in that organisations when something goes wrong? Ask for their mobile number. Ask that person if they are authorised to ‘make something happen’ in that business when there is a major issue to be resolved for you and your business.


As a challenger, expect us to challenge. We will dig into your stated ‘want’ and show you the more relevant ‘need’. We will challenge the assumptions around bandwidth, performance and management guarantees. We will uncover the real ‘what’ and compelling ‘why’.

To do this we have developed an ‘audit type’ process of discovery, analysis and measurement. Our aim is to help you create a strong business case to make the necessary investment in quality network services.

If you just want someone to help you ‘beat up’ your existing provider with some competitive price pressure then that’s not us. We don’t have the time nor interest.

We’re interested in people and organisations that are open, transparent and committed to using ICT as a creator of value in their business.


Great design is at the heart of a well performing telco service. We ask some very simple questions to determine the best design for a fixed or mobile network service.

The first sets of questions are about performance. What applications and services are you using and what is your required ‘user experience’. We use these answers to ‘right size’ the network bandwidth and performance parameters to support voice, video and data applications.

We then ask about the level of management and control that you want over this service. Some organisations want us to manage the whole service. To act as an outsourced ICT team. Others want us to provide the basics in terms of monitor, response and restore.

Once we have that set we ask that magic question around service availability. Everyone wants 100% until they understand the cost of true carrier diversity. We go location by location and service by service to work out the type of network access we deploy – our own premium, third party standard, protected or redundant.

We then get into your security requirement. Here we are looking at how we best prevent the ‘bads’ in the network while enabling the ‘goods’ of applications and services to seamlessly work across multiple networks and providers.


Service Delivery is our first ‘moment of truth’ of our business. This is where the promises made in the sales cycle have to be backed up in the delivery of the service.

We drive deliveries through a mix of traditional project management and fanatical focus. Services utilising third party access are harder to manage. When we build our own network infrastructure we are in greater control of both time and quality.

We’ve developed some highly innovative ways to deploy fixed and mobile infrastructure and continue to look at ways where we are less reliant on the incumbent carriers and site owners to excel in delivery across Australia.


Our next ‘moment of truth’ is in the ongoing operation of our network services. Our in-house Service Desk and NOC teams provide 24x7 support across our service offering. We have clear SLAs for response and restore and utilise the ITIL framework for service management.

We have strong partnerships with a growing footprint of regionally based local service providers. We engage these companies in meaningful service relationships. This allows us to provide metro like responses in regional, rural and remote Australia.

Our Business Support Systems (BSS) and Operational Support Systems (OSS) are optimised for providing you with a great user experience. We extend these systems to our ‘in-field’ support partners for consistently great service experiences.