Terms and Conditions

To improve the way we do business with our customers, we have refined our terms and conditions into three, separate documents to cover each of the three key areas of our business.

These easy to read documents are simplified and written in plain English, so you can easily interpret and refer to them.

If you need any additional information or would like to discuss this further, please contact your account manager or the Vertel Service Desk on 1300 837 835 or at service@vertel.com.au

Which Terms and Conditions Apply to You?

More than one of our terms and conditions documents may refer to you if you take multiple services from us. However only one set of terms and conditions will apply to each service.

Fixed Networks T&C's

Our fixed networks, refer to any Carrier Ethernet (Etherwave) or Internet (Netconnect) service offering which provides you with a high capacity connection to a fixed location. This applies for all access technologies including fixed wireless, fibre or copper.

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Mobile Networks T&C's

Encompass any of the national trunked networks, both analogue and digital, which allow you to transmit voice and data from a portable device. This includes any of our Team Talk branded services and also our Smartfi managed Wi-Fi services.

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Site Faciltities T&C's

Applicable if you access any of our 200 points of presence nationally for co-location of wireless network infrastructure and associated equipment, or you use our technical and engineering services for the design, delivery and maintenance of networks.

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Fair Use Policy

While we offer an unlimited service we apply a fair use policy to manage excessive or unreasonable use. Click here to download the latest fair use policy. For further information about this policy contact the Service Desk on 1300 837 835.

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