Enabling your move to the Cloud

Although the concept has been around for a long time, Cloud Services remain a hot topic in the IT world and enable innovation and efficiency for organisations both small and large.

While most organisations are thinking about the best configuration for these services - private, public and hybrid - we are focused on the networks that enable these services to function flawlessly.

Organisations looking to use Cloud Services for enterprise applications understand the requirement of Layer 2 network connectivity between their office locations and Cloud infrastructure. Layer 2 provides the quality, control and flexibility that is required for the effective operation of these services.

Our unique wireless delivery capability of Carrier Ethernet services means that we can get Layer 2 connectivity to areas that lack fibre infrastructure. This is particularly important for the introduction of these services across an entire organisation, including branch offices in regional and remote areas.

With connections into many data centers around Australia, we can simply and quickly deliver a QoS enabled point to point Ethernet service to most areas in Australia.