Land Mobile Radio

Conventional and trunked two-way radio network services for ‘push to talk’ group, dispatch and private call connectivity. Designed and maintained by highly experienced in-house team. Delivered over ACMA licensed frequencies and standards based digital land mobile radio standards. Local, metro and wide area connectivity with innovative in-building coverage offering and custom delivered interconnects across other legacy radio and IP networks.


DMR Is Here

Teamtalk servives are now available over DMR. Learn more about Vertel's newest network.

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Our range of two way radio services enable push to talk communication across local, metro or wide areas for in-field teams and fleets. With dispatch, group or private talk groups and simple operation functionality our flexible services use the latest technology.

Provisioned over private network infrastructure and ACMA licenced VHF/UHF frequencies and supported by Vertel’s carrier-grade backhaul network a Teamtalk service will help reduce expensive mobile phone costs and ensure connectivity when congested mobile networks would fail.

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Service Options

We have tailored a number of services within the Teamtalk family to best suit the needs of your business.

Teamtalk Voice

‘Push to talk’ voice for dispatch, one-to-one and group call functionality. Delivered over analogue (PMR, MPT) and digital (DMR,NXDN, TETRA and P25) technologies and ACMA licensed VHF / UHF frequencies..

Teamtalk Data

Private data communications over standards based digital land mobile radio technologies. Fully independent from public mobile network infrastructure for secure and mission critical data messaging.

Teamtalk Smallcell

Fully managed in-building communications for a broad range of Land Mobile Radio services. Designed to complement and extend an existing commercial or government radio network within challenging coverage areas.