Carrier Ethernet

Our Layer 2 Carrier Ethernet network service with guaranteed performance parameters enables the end-to-end operation of all data, voice and video applications.

Using an innovative fixed wireless access infrastructure and fibre core we provide fast delivery of carrier grade broadband to areas that lack fibre networks. Easy integration with NBN and other carriers for future ‘network redundancy’ requirements of Cloud services, primary access and mobile backhaul future proof our offering.


All services in the Etherwave family are MEF certified and are provided as a fully managed service with 24/7 monitoring by our National Operations Centre (NOC). The service has inbuilt network redundancy through our MPLS core and multiple carrier / data centre interconnects.

The high capacity, high bandwidth Etherwave services are available in metro, regional and remote Australia and enable businesses to access hosted IP applications and other Cloud services. Highly flexible and scalable, Etherwave services are backed by strict performance guarantees on packet loss, latency and jitter.

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Service Options

Whether you’re connecting two offices or twenty, we’ve got the right solution for you.

Etherwave Access

Provided as a wholesale service for the provisioning of end to end Ethernet services across multiple provider networks this is a MEF compliant, point to point connection between a user network interface (UNI) and another service provider’s Ethernet network (ENNI).

Etherwave Line

An MEF certified, point to point Layer 2 Ethernet connection between two user network interfaces (UNIs). Etherwave Line provides high capacity, quality of service (QoS) guaranteed network connectivity between two points for the carriage of any legacy and IP data, voice and video traffic.

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Etherwave LAN

An MEF compliant, multipoint to multipoint Layer 2 Ethernet connection between many customer sites - user network interfaces (UNIs). This service facilitates many of the functions of a Layer 3 VPN while retaining all the benefits of simplicity and control of Ethernet service.