Solutions for Service Providers

 Increasing numbers of enterprises are moving to cloud hosted applications and introducing virtualisation, VoIP and videoconferencing services to increase productivity and reduce costs. Successful implementation however, requires every device in that client’s network to be reliably connected no matter where they’re located. 

Whether you’re a carrier trying to connect all offices in a network, a cloud provider trying to get your solution rolled out or an integrator trying to design a 360 solution to a client’s problem access to a ubiquitous, reliable, scalable broadband connection is the greatest challenge.

Why Vertel?

Vertel specialises in connecting businesses in remote and regional Australia, with over 200 sites and access to many more, we go where other can’t. Our hybrid wireless / fibre services are QoS enabled and are backed with strict SLA’s, delivering high-bandwidth, carrier-grade services at a fraction of the time and costs associated with fibre.

As a niche, privately owned, Australian carrier we offer a level of flexibility and innovation that larger carriers simply can’t match. We tailor our agreements with each partner to ensure we both get maximum value from the relationship.

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