Solutions for Health

The government eHealth initiative is now being rolled out across Australia providing a secure and online summary of an individual’s health information. From hospitals to specialists to aged care facilities, innovation in ITC means rapid access to the best specialists, software and resources.

Underpinning a successful eHealth strategy is a secure and reliable network able to safely and securely transport huge volumes of data across a WAN or the internet. Unfortunately the remote and regional areas that will benefit most from eHealth initiatives are the areas that struggle to access a network with the mandatory QoS requirements.

Why Vertel?

Vertel’s vision is to enable smarter, healthier and safer Australian communities so our interest in the health sector is a natural fit. We’ve been well received by regional communities across the country as our fixed wireless services are able to deliver a fibre equivalent services that are backed by the stringent SLA’s. 

Our hybrid fibre / wireless network provides a media and path diverse solution with 99.995% availability which has been tried and tested by various natural and manmade disasters (such as the 2012 Warrnambool Telstra Exchange Fire).