Solutions for Enterprise

There are many service providers with ‘business’ offerings, however careful scrutiny of many of them will reveal that they are only glorified versions of their consumer services with some added functionality – but essentially the same service.

Large enterprise requires much more than this level of connectivity – when a business has multiple sites around the country and hundreds of employees or when its core business is reliant on the uninterrupted transfer of data, there are a host of service requirements that are mandatory, including scalability, QoS and SLAs that conform to stringent standards.

Why Vertel?

Vertel has been serving the business market for 40 years. We don’t have a consumer offering and have tailored our carrier-grade Ethernet services to the demanding needs of business – as confirmed by our MEF certification.

Vertel has multiple SLA’s to suit a variety of business applications with availability up to 99.995% with corresponding guarantees on packet loss, latency and jitter. Our experienced sales team proactively works with our clients to ensure the best solution is matched to their unique needs.