We go where others can't

Most business orientated Carriers and Service Providers focus on the CBD and Metropolitan areas of Australia capital and major cities. They either resell the incumbents copper networks or build relatively small fibre networks to pick up business and corporate users.

We don’t.

For over 40 years we have invested in and built alternate, carrier grade telecommunications infrastructure in areas that are underserviced by the major carriers.

Our initial focus was to provide two way radio networks. Today we are the largest privately held provider of conventional and trunked land mobile radio networks for some of Australia's best known and most demanding Government and Enterprise customers.

More recently we have launched one of the most innovative fixed wireless network offerings in the world. We use carrier grade microwave links to provide high capacity Ethernet services to areas that lack fibre infrastructure.

The service is designed and delivered to the exact same standard as the National Broadband Network’s Enterprise Grade fibre service. The difference is, we can get this service to places that the NBN won't ever get to with fibre.

For organisations with office locations in outer metro, regional and remote areas of Australia, this is the most cost and time effective way of accessing a carrier grade broadband service.

Think of our service as ‘fibre in the air’ and you’ve got the idea.