Control without the complexity

Layer 3 VPN services are great for small to medium sized organisations that have fairly static network requirements. These companies generally don’t have the required in-house expertise to manage these networks and essentially outsource the complexity to their Carrier.

Organisations that are committed to using ICT as a strategic business enabler are moving to Layer 2 services for their networking services. Carrier Ethernet is the name given to the global standard for Layer 2 network services. 

One of the major benefits with Carrier Ethernet is that it gives the end user complete control over their network. If Layer 3 services are about a Carrier giving you rights to travel on their roads (using the information superhighway analogy), Layer 2 gives you the road to use how you see fit. 

The benefit to you is that you can be more responsive in your use of ICT to drive success for your people and customers.

We have invested heavily in our own network and our Carrier Ethernet services are fully certified by the global standards body Metro Ethernet Forum ( 

Using wireless access, we are focusing on organisations that want to connect office locations that are in areas that lack fibre infrastructure.

We have also positioned our service as a fully redundant network provider for those organisations that want to insure against a cut or disruption to their primary fibre service. This 100% uptime requirement is particularly relevant and important to those companies who have moved to Cloud based services are or are running life critical networks (e.g. hospitals, emergency services organisations etc).

Come with us. Give up the complexity. Hang onto the control.