Built today for tomorrow

We're not waiting around for the National Broadband Network (NBN) or other Carriers to build fixed and mobile network infrastructure in your regions. 

As an alternate provider of carrier grade networks, we are busy delivering fibre comparable services to areas that the NBN either won't get to with fibre or won't get to for a long time.

The NBN is into the 'where', 'when' and 'how'.

We're into 'now'. The WOW of now.

We deliver high capacity and QoS guaranteed Ethernet services to non-metro, regional and remote areas of Australia in about a quarter of the time that it takes to deploy fibre base services.

If and when an NBN enabled fibre service is available in your area, we will integrate that into our wireless offering and give you 'true network diversity'. That's pretty important if you want to move to centralised or Cloud based services.

Our Carrier Ethernet service is certified by the global standards body Metro Ethernet Forum. In fact, we are the first carrier in the world to gain certification for our a hybrid wireless / fibre network.

Carrier Ethernet is the defacto standard for next generation network connectivity around the world. It’s the standard that the NBN is built to and underpins the roll out of Layer 3 VPNs, Internet, IP and Cloud based services.

Our commitment to global standards extends to our mobile networks as well. We build these to ITU standards for digital land mobile radio. This ensures that our networks can interoperate and be interconnected to any other standards based mobile network and or subscriber hardware.

If you're tired of the wait and the chat around network services - we're keen to do something about it.