Above and beyond

When the telecommunications market deregulated in 1997, the majority of new entrants focused on reselling existing networks and competing hard on price. Today the market is full of low cost providers of ‘tricked up’ old world broadband services. We wanted to go above and beyond that. 

We chose to focus on Government, Enterprise and Service Provider organisations that consider IT and telecommunications as a strategic enabler of their business success. These organisations consider ICT as a value creator rather than just a cost to their business.

Everything we do is driven by the knowledge that to be successful as a network provider, we have to create value for your organisation, the people you employ and the customers you serve. 

Our people are driven by a shared vision to enable smarter, healthier and safer Australian communities through the provision of next generation network infrastructure. We are passionate about seeing the economic, social and cultural benefits that come from the adoption and use of the services that we provide.

We are not caught up in the political debates around where and when the NBN will be delivered. We are not beholden to incumbent carriers in reselling their networks. We are designing, investing in and building our own fixed broadband telecommunications infrastructure.

Nor are we worried about what the mobile carriers are doing with their networks. We are busy delivering private mobile radio networks for organisations with mission and life critical requirements. We want to leave a legacy. 

A legacy that sees neglected parts of Australia flourish once again. Where our kids can get a great education. Where people can access comprehensive and responsive health services. Where businesses can access the necessary services that are required to stay competitive. A legacy of creating real and meaningful value for our customers.