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Jam tomorrow … log-jam today

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Jam tomorrow … log-jam today

Friday, September 30, 2016

Enterprising remote offices aren’t waiting for NBN – they’re getting ahead with high performance wireless access, and services designed specifically for business.

There has been much wringing of hands since Australia fell below New Zealand on the total number of fixed broadband subscriptions per 100 inhabitants – putting us at number 19 among OECD countries – and most of those connections are still DSL Worse still, Australia has the fifth most expensive broadband prices in the OEDC.

It looks like a solid argument for accelerating the NBN programme – except for one anomaly: while Australia is 19th among fixed broadband users, it is way up to 8th among wireless broadband users. The fact is that organisations in the remote or rural areas – as you might expect of a nation with a history of mavericks and outlaws – are not waiting around for the government to spread the jam, but are filling the gap for themselves.

They are using Carrier Ethernet services over microwave – a particularly reliable and easy to install solution that offers serious bandwidth plus just the sort of flexibility and control that business demands.

Let’s face it, if government could wave its magic wand and make the NBN appear ready to use tomorrow, then it would be a huge asset and a great boost to the Australian economy – but NBN is still focused largely on domestic delivery and is not yet an ideal solution for business.

Take reliability – a major business need. Compared to laying fibre across country, microwave is quick and easy to install. So adding redundancy with a second link is a great way to ensure up-time. And forget those old stories about microwave being dependent on weather conditions, today’s systems are relied upon in the most extreme climates around the world.

Another aspect of reliability is to maintain QoS over today’s diverse mix of data, voice and video services. Carrier Ethernet over microwave allows the user to allocate classes of service to prioritise critical services like teleconferencing. You can even set up separate virtual circuits dedicated to specific applications and allocate priority for that circuit and application.

Above all, it’s the benefits of flexibility that support business in a fast changing world. Ethernet over microwave offers massive potential bandwidth, but allows the customer to specify and change the bandwidth at any time, so you only pay for what you need.

As for the services available, if the microwave access is linked to a Carrier Ethernet 2.0 compliant fibre backbone like Vertel’s, then you can have a dedicated link to the world’s Cloud services without having to rely on the Internet. And the latest E-Access standard cuts the time for deploying global links from months to days – and the same applies for rapid integrating of your microwave service with tomorrow’s NBN, or any other network.

Let the politicians go on wringing their hands over those fixed line broadband statistics – meanwhile, across remote areas of Australia, businesses, government departments, healthcare and education organisations are already getting and staying well connected with the rest of the world.

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