White Papers

For a little deeper reading into key topics and ideas which are shaping our industry please feel free to review the below collection of white paper's which have been written by our in house experts or sourced from leading authorities across the globe.

Carrier Ethernet and Cloud Services

MEF White Paper

In this white paper global Carrier Ethernet standards body, the MEF, looks at the importance of the wide area network (WAN) when implementing cloud solutions. Particularly it explores why Carrier Ethernet has become the wide area networking technology of choice for delivery of business-class services to the Enterprise market.

Microwave Delivery of Carrier Ethernet

MEF White Paper

Modern microwave is increasingly used to provide Carrier Ethernet to businesses who need more bandwidth and better service quality. In this white paper the MEF unpicks the advantages to microwave and analyses its effectiveness and the benefits of this access technology over other technologies, such as fibre.

Carrier Ethernet for Business

MEF White Paper

The ICT industry has seen huge amounts of change in recent years which has put most WANs under strain and means legacy frame relay and ATM networks cannot deliver. Increasingly businesses are moving to Carrier Ethernet, this white paper by the MEF explores why.