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Can your business afford to risk a network outage?

As your business become more dependent on ICT and the underpinning ‘connectivity’, the costs of network outages mount in terms of lost revenue, productivity and disenchanted customers. For too long incumbent carriers have been promoting the diversity of their services. But that is not enough. What you need is true network diversity.

Turnbull - Time to walk your own talk

As the Australian political landscape shifts dramatically Vertel Executive Director Andrew Findlay reflects on what this will mean for the telecommunications sector.

The great experiment: keeping local government connected

The role of local government is changing as fast as our communities change. Gone are the days of council responsibility ending with garbage collections and fixing potholes. In this digital world, where you’re more likely to email your neighbour than chat over the fence connectivity is key, from high speed broadband in public libraries and Wi-Fi in public spaces to complex networks to support community events.

Extending the reach of healthcare with telehealth

Australia is a land of endless coastlines, sheep filled pastures and desserts larger than many countries in the world. As a result of this huge space our communities are spread literally hours from one another and regional communities often struggle to access the services city dwellers take for granted. Telehealth is changing that and bringing specialists and world leading services to all Australians.

Layer 2 versus Layer 3 services: A Dummies Guide

In the 80’s the OSI model revolutionised the way the world thought about networks, yet as much as we know the name it can be a challenge to pick apart the practical differences of each layer and truly understanding the implications of taking a layer 2 or layer 3 service. In this article we take out the complexity.

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