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Businesses are upgrading their data links to capacities unimaginable a few years back. Pre 1995 the maximum Ethernet transmission speed was 10 Mbps, yet today we NEED 1Gbps. What makes us so data...


Enterprising remote offices aren’t waiting for NBN – they’re getting ahead with high performance wireless access, and services designed specifically for business.


Business broadband is more than just fast internet. It’s about providing a service that can truly perform under pressure. In industries where milliseconds count microwave is superior to fibre due...


The latest major Telstra outage, less than a week after the company announced a major investment to fix the problem, has a major lesson for all the telecommunication users and for the carriers who...


The phrase "the cloud" gets thrown about an awful lot, the buzz word before "big data" its still so very now. But just where did this concept come from?


There’s something a bit disturbing about youngsters bent over a smartphone frowning in concentration – shouldn't they be out playing in the sunshine? Just what our parents used to say when they...


The role of local government is changing. People expect more than rubbish collection and pot holes being fixed, in an increasingly digital world they want government to be accessible and...


Australia is at a crossroads as incoming Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull promises a new approach to government.


Since 2005, when the MEF first defined Carrier Ethernet, it has become universally accepted as the technology of choice for linking business networks across metropolitan and wide area networks....


In the 80’s the OSI model revolutionised the way the world thought about networks, yet as much as we know the name it can be a challenge to pick apart the practical differences of each layer and...