We don’t have a desire to float on the stock market. Don’t have a hankering for a fleet of corporate jets. We certainly don’t want our own rugby league team.

What we do want is to create a lasting legacy in the Australian telecommunications market.

Our vision is to enable smarter, healthier and safer Australian communities through the provision of next generation telecommunications infrastructure and associated network services.

Unlike most Carriers and Service Providers, we are focusing on areas that lack critical communications infrastructure. The lack of investment in infrastructure in regional and remote areas of Australia has resulted in real challenges for these once important areas of our country.

We want to address these challenges.

Sure, the NBN is coming. But it's direction is unclear and it’s just not happening fast enough. It’s also not happening for some of the organisations that need it the most. We are doing something (more than talking) about this.

We are focused on how businesses and government departments can use broadband services to drastically change the provision of education, health, community services and public safety.

It’s not the most conventional vision. But its one that we're excited about.