Our company history stretches back to 1973 when a young Australian entrepreneur started a business called Communication Site Rentals. As the name suggested, we initially provided high communication sites for government departments and large organisations who wanted to deploy an exciting new mobile network technology – two way radio.

Back then, the company that is now Telstra was a couple of years away from being broken out of the Postmaster General’s Department into a new company called Telecom Australia.

As a pioneer of commercial radio networks, we provided our first fully managed two way radio network some 24 years before the deregulation of the Australian telecommunications market (and 8 years before the first mobile phone call was placed in the country).

40 years on and we have built a successful business around servicing some of Australia’s best known (and most demanding) Enterprise, Government and Service Provider organisations.

We have continued to invest in our own land mobile radio networks and have taken a leadership position in the transition of these networks to digital standards.

We have also pioneered the delivery of Carrier Ethernet services using an innovative hybrid microwave access and fibre core around the country.

We are proud of what we have achieved and are excited about the opportunities to address valuable market niches now - and in the future.